Turf Grass Management Program

A Complete Lawn Management Program

At Para Space we use a variety of turf maintenance techniques to keep lawns looking healthy and to keep them in optimal condition year round.

We start with aeration of lawns in February, which relieves ground compaction and allows water and oxygen to penetrate into the ground, accessing grass roots and creating healthier grass.

In the spring, we apply lime to improve the pH of the soil to a more favourable condition for the grass. We also apply iron and power rake lawns to remove excessive thatch and moss, applying grass seed shortly thereafter to help the grass grow lush and thick, out-competing weeds and filling bare spots.

We apply organic based fertilizer to lawns three times a year in May, June and July. The fertilizer we use is a slow release product that will help create vibrant green grass over a longer period of time.

Para Space offers an organic weed control product that is applied in June and July to help kill unwanted weeds in the lawns such as dandelions and black medic.

The application of organic matter to lawns is also an option in a turf management plan. Organic matter will add valuable nutrients to the soil that are important to the health and vitality of grass.

However, one of the largest and most vital aspects of our progressive turf maintenance program is lawn cutting. Throughout the spring, summer, and fall, our landscape maintenance crews are thoroughly trained to operate mowers and edgers to keep all the turf on your property looking sharp, full, and pristine. Because lawn cutting is an extremely important element of turf maintenance that helps unite all features of your landscape, our trained staff uses innovative techniques and tools, correct mowing heights, and well-maintained equipment to help achieve a quality look. Vertical edging of lawn areas also helps give the landscape a tidy, professional look.

Lawn Moss Control

One very important feature of lawns is a nice even green colour. The presence of moss on lawns, even in small quantities, can make them look unattractive.

The amount of rain and cool weather in our area makes ideal conditions for moss growth. However, moss can be easily controlled and the bright green colour can be restored to lawns.

Our moss control treatment is environmentally safe, controls the moss, and supplies iron to the grass.

Lawn Fertilizer Application

There is no doubt that fertilizers are only second to water applications when it comes to essential lawn requirements. Fertilizers supply vital elements that help grasses recover quickly from any abuse they may sustain, including mowing.

Nitrogen, for example, is involved in photosynthesis and helps grasses form the necessary tissues for growth. Phosphorus is essential for the storage of energy and rapid growth early in spring and Potassium helps form strong stems and roots.

Our program includes monitoring the lawns we maintain for nutrient requirements along with three applications of a high quality slow release fertilizer and, if requested, recommendations for further enhancements of the soil substrate.


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