Environmental Impact

Para Space Landscaping believes that taking care of our clients and team means also minimizing our environmental impact through eco-friendly landscaping practices. Leadership in education, safety, efficiency, and quality must be matched with leadership in ecological stewardship.

Eco-friendly landscaping and installations

  • We have been recognized by the Professional Landcare Network (PLANET), and have received multiple awards for environmental stewardship. These awards recognize landscape professionals who execute superior projects, exemplify sustainable practices, and apply the consistent use of quality materials and workmanship to eco-friendly landscaping.
  • Through extensive testing and research, we are able to offer biological and other non-chemical solutions for many landscape problems.  Healthy vigorous lawns and plants are one of the best defenses against insects and disease.  Organic-based fertilizers provide important nutrients and minimize unutilized nitrates.
  • We strictly separate the green waste we collect to ensure it can be disposed of at facilities that will compost the material.  More than 90% of the yard waste we collect is turned into rich organic soils.
  • We pioneered the use of low decibel leaf blowers in Metro Vancouver.  While this is now the quietest machine on our trucks, we still implement a ‘use only as necessary’ policy to minimize unwelcome noise.
  • We are always looking to stay on the cutting edge of technology development in our industry. There are some key driving forces that are pushing us into exploring the use of autonomous mowers and electric equipment in our day to day services. The goal to both increase sustainability and address the Canadian workforce shortage.
  • Landscapes are not solely decorative but also serve a greater environmental purpose
    • A tree reduces surrounding air temperature by 5 degrees celsius
    • Areas shaded by trees can be up to 14 degrees cooler
    • A mature tree can absorb up to 150kg of pollution per year
    • Two mature trees produce enough oxygen for a family of 4
    • A lush landscape can reduce AC costs by 30% and heating costs by 15%
    • Landscapes help manage storm water, reduce the heat island effect, sequester carbon and clean the air
  • Our staff go directly from their home to the worksite, thus eliminating wasteful and unnecessary trips to and from a central location before moving on to the worksite.  We accommodate a significant number of staff members who cycle or use public transit for commuting.
  • Our gas powered equipment is rigorously maintained, and meets the latest in government emissions standards.  A program of phasing out older equipment has eliminated machinery manufactured under less stringent emissions regulations.  New technologies such as valved 2-stroke engines significantly reduce fuel consumption and the resulting emissions.
  • Our vehicles are maintained to meet or exceed manufacturers’ recommendations.  We strive to use the right type of vehicle for the job.  These include high-efficiency diesels, and where appropriate, smaller vehicles.
  • While we aren’t yet paperless, we’re getting there. We have policies in place to use less or no paper whenever possible. Last year we launched a crew mobile app where staff can clock into sites, read plans, track task times, and much more (all of which used to require paper in the past). Also our marketing material is printed on recycled products and our office and warehouse have strict recycling procedures in place throughout.



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