Granville Island

Granville Island
Landscape Maintenance

10 Nov, 2021

We have recently won the Green for Life Community Award for our work at Granville Island! Presented by the Canadian Nursery and Landscape Association, this award evaluated our collaboration, environmental stewardship, innovative design, and overall project impact.

Since 2019, we have worked collaboratively to refresh this historic site, including their pond habitats and entrance displays. The addition of these installations are a welcoming feature for all visitors to enjoy, and will continue to positively impact the community for years to come.

A brief history about the Island:

In the 1970’s, Granville Island began its successful transformation from an industrial wasteland to one of the most beloved public spaces in Vancouver.

As Vancouver’s premier artistic and cultural hub, located in an urban, waterfront location and steeped in a rich industrial heritage, this unique destination attracts millions of visitors each year from Vancouver and around the world.

The charm of Granville Island lies in its unexpected mix of uses. The 37-acre oasis houses over 300 businesses, 150 oak wine barrels that hold seasonal flower displays, 2.5 acres of lawn, 2 outdoor amphitheatres, over 400 trees, and 2 ponds.