Our team

Educated and Accredited Staff

We have the most accredited staff of any landscape company in British Columbia. Each of our crew leaders are educated in their field and all hold industry accreditation. Most have at least a Landscape Diploma with other specialty designations that include:

  • Certified Irrigation Technician
  • Certified Arborist
  • Certified Landscape Technician with one of the following specialties: Ornamental Maintenance, Turf Maintenance, Softscape Installation, Hardscape Installation
  • ICPI Certified Paving Stone Installer
  • Certified Allen Block Installer
  • Ecological Landscape Designers
  • Organic Master Gardeners
  • Certified Landscape Designers
  • Certified Landscape Managers


Our people

Jeff Foley - President & CEO
Jeff leads the management of our company. In addition to being a Red Seal Landscape Horticulturist and having a Residential Landscaping Diploma, he is also an ISA Certified Arborist, a Certified Landscape Manager, and a Certified Landscape Technician. Jeff is passionate about the industry and volunteers provincially, nationally, and internationally. He was proud to be honoured with the BC Landscape and Nursery Association’s Member of the Year Award in 2018. He currently serves on the Board of the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association.

Adam Taylor – General Manager
Adam started with us in early 2018, bringing with him a Diploma of Technology and a Bachelor of Business Administration. Mid-way through his first year, he had already obtained the Certified Landscape Manager (CLM) designation! Adam’s diverse role with us see’s him developing and managing the Office, Warehouse, and Coordinator teams. He plays a large role in asset purchases, working with vendors, managing business software, KPI development and is the ‘go-to’ for anything tech related. In his spare time, you can find him in the woods, floating on a lake, and playing with his two dogs.

Afif Lwis – Landscape Maintenance Manager
Afif joined our team in 2017 as a summer student and quickly advanced into a leadership role and has never looked back! During his time with us, Afif has gained both CLHT certification and a Residential Landscape Technician Diploma. A little fun fact about Afif, he learned how to play bagpipes when he was a boy scout.

Campbell Whitehead - Landscape Services Manager
Campbell started here in 1992 and manages our award winning Landscape Construction/Installation division. He is a Certified Landscape Technician, Ecological Landscape Designer, Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute Certified Installer, and a Certified Allan Block Installer. Under Campbell’s guidance, our Landscape Design and Installation division has reached new levels of sophistication. His innovative designs and incredible worksite know-how keeps our company on the cutting edge of landscape installation and renovation.

Catherine Deacon - Marketing Coordinator
After graduating from the University of British Columbia, Catherine moved to Scotland gaining work experience in her field of study. She joined our team in 2008 when she returned back to Canada. Her creativity and eye for design has been a valuable asset to our operations and vision for the future as we continue to grow our business.

Chris Young - Senior Manager
Chris has been a key member of our staff since 1991. Today he manages on the job training program with supervisors and trainees. He came to our operation with a Bachelor of Science degree and has since become an ISA Certified Arborist as well as a Certified Landscape Manager and Technician, plus a Red Seal Journeyperson Landscape Horticulturist. Chris is a diligent, hardworking professional who is very well respected throughout our industry.

Cinzia Di Blasio - Senior Manager
Cinzia started at Para Space in 2005 and for many years she led both Maintenance and Softscape installation crews. Cinzia now spends her time managing Landscape Maintenance and specialized crews. She has achieved a Diploma in Residential Landscaping, become a Red Seal Journeyperson Landscape Horticulturist, a Certified Landscape Technician and a Certified Landscape Manager.

Cody Zahradnik – Senior Manager
Cody started with Para Space in 2012. In his time with us he has amassed an impressive amount of experience and credentials. Cody is a Certified Landscape Manager, a Certified Arborist and has a Landscape Diploma. He is Landscape Industry Certified specializing in Ornamental Maintenance and Softscape Installation. One might say he was destined to enter the landscape industry as his last name means ‘Gardener’ or ‘Horticulturist’ in Czech. Cody manages the landscape maintenance on a diverse group of properties. Being an arborist and Qualified Tree Risk Assessor, he also consults with our clients on their tree needs. Cody also currently serves as the landscaping representative on his own strata council.

Craig Rawlyk - Warehouse Operations Coordinator
Craig has been on our team since 1999. His dedication and contributions to our business operations have no doubt helped us grow to where we are today. In his role, Craig oversees our inventory control, truck rebuilds, and other aspects supporting our daily operations. He has an RLT diploma and teaches the Organize Work & Use Tools, Equipment & Vehicles modules for the Landscape Horticulture Apprenticeship Program. In his spare time, Craig loves to get outdoors for hiking and fishing, and spending time doing live edge woodworking where he creates beautiful charcuterie boards, cribbage boards, shelves, and benches.

Gerile - Finance Coordinator
Gerile started with us in 2018 and has been a key contributor to our business operations ever since! She has a BBA degree, Payroll Compliance Practitioner Certificate, and is in the process of completing the Certified Landscape Horticulture Manager certification. Gerile loves coffee, so much so, that she spends her weekends in search of the best cup in town!

Jennifer Portsmouth - Business Development Manager
Jen started with us in 1998. She has worn many hats over the years and currently manages new business development and the onboarding of new clients. Drawing on her years of expertise, Jen builds rapport to provide custom landscape solutions. In addition to having a Residential Landscaping Diploma, she is also a Certified Landscape Horticulturist Manager, a Certified Landscape Horticulturist Technician, and a Certified Irrigation Technician.

Jensen Villanueva – Landscape Maintenance Manager
Jensen manages a significant portfolio of Landscape Maintenance contracts. He is a Certified Landscape Manager, a Certified Landscape Technician, a Certified Ministry of Environment Landscape Integrated Pest Management Applicator and has a Diploma in Residential Landscaping. Jensen joined our team in 2012 and came to us with previous management experience.

Jessica Luglio - Senior Manager
Jessica is a Certified Landscape Horticulturist Manager. She also has a Master of Science in Environmental Biology, CLHT certification, and a Residential Landscape Technician Diploma. She joined our team in 2018, and with her background in customer service, she has a great ability to connect with clients and go above and beyond to leave everyone satisfied with our services.

Jessica Young - Plant Health Care Manager
Jessica has a love for the outdoors and so a career in landscaping was instantly a perfect match for her! She has both her CLHT certification, and a Residential Landscape Technician Diploma. Jessica brings a strong work ethic to the team and knows what dedication it takes to work in a physical job after spending her summers working on the oil fields in Alberta. A fun fact though: she is absolutely terrified of spiders and yet that hasn’t deterred her from working outside!

Katie Bush - Irrigation and Safety Manager
Katie joined Para Space with a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology as well as a Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety. Her knowledge in this area is invaluable in coordinating our safety program. Katie is also a Certified Irrigation Technician and Certified Landscape Technician and manages all aspects of the Irrigation Division.
Kevin Carlson - Landscape Maintenance Manager
Kevin has been a member of the Para Space team since 2000. In his time here he has worked in all of our divisions and has accumulated a significant number of accreditations including a Diploma in Residential Landscaping and Certificate in Ecological Landscape Design. He is also a Red Seal Journeyperson Landscape Horticulturist, Certified Landscape Technician, and Certified Irrigation Technician. Kevin, who is a favorite of our clients, manages an important Landscape Maintenance portfolio.

Lexxie Stiles - Irrigation Coordinator
Lexxie began her career with us in 2013, and has built a strong resume of experience and credentials. She is a Certified Irrigation Technician, Certified Landscape Technician, and Certified Residential Landscape Technician. While Lexxie started out in our Landscape Maintenance Division, she found a new role with us in 2016 in our Irrigation Division. Despite loving and having a profession in the horticulture industry, Lexxie is ironically extremely allergic to lavender!

Michael Pang - Landscape Maintenance Manager
Michael joined our team with a Bachelor of Science in Forestry and he has been able to apply his past experience to understanding the impact that urban forestry has on our natural environment. He also has both an RLT diploma and CLHT certification. Michael’s passion for landscaping shows through to our clients and he enjoys the challenge of utilizing unused green space on a property and turning it into a landscape with aesthetic appeal, purpose, and value.

Navpreet Dhot - Office Manager
Nav brings a wealth of experience to our team since joining in 2023, where she oversees office operations with precision and dedication. Nav has a Master of Statistics degree and a diploma in Business Administration. Inspired by a familial connection, her passion for landscaping stems from her mother’s love for plants, flowers, and gardening.

Nico Bourne - Landscape Maintenance Manager
Nico began his journey with Para Space in June 2019 and has since earned certification as a Landscape Horticultural Technician, specializing in Turf Maintenance. Over the past five years, Nico has firmly established his career in the landscape industry and is enthusiastic about exploring new and innovative ideas. Nico has been actively involved in our electric equipment program and is dedicated to driving progress in the industry. He is passionate about the outdoors, sustainable practices, and enhancing the beauty of the community.

Peter Foley - Principal
Peter founded Para Space Landscaping on August 1, 1979. He has guided the company from a small start up to one of the biggest and best landscape contracting businesses in Canada. He has always worked long and hard at chasing perfection both in business and horticulture. He remains involved in all aspects of our operation but as you have seen above, he has some outstanding help.

Pierce Dushenko - Landscape Maintenance Manager
Pierce joined our team in 2020 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a minor in Biology. While he was a university student, he spent many years doing various trades jobs but when he landed his first summer landscaping job, he was instantly hooked on our exciting industry! He has furthered his education pursuits obtaining both an RLT diploma and CLHT certification. Pierce played Jr. A and NCAA division 3 hockey in 7 different countries and as a result learned the importance of teamwork to achieve success.

Rizki Dwianandaputra - Logistics Coordinator
Rizki completed his undergraduate degree from the Sauder School of Business, with a specialization in operations and logistics. His coordination and multitasking skills were built through experience with the co-op program at university. Hailing from the sunny city of Jakarta, Indonesia, Rizki has a love of nature and enjoyes exploring BC’s provincial parks, where he often goes to visit and read his favourite books on a warm summer day.
Samantha Thorbes-Curry - Personnel Development Manager
Samantha joined our team in 2013 and very quickly showed her skills in our Landscape Maintenance division. Her passion for making the landscape a beautiful place for residents to enjoy, as well as providing excellent customer service, has always been her goal. More recently, Samantha has shifted her focus from managing landscapes to career development within our company. Samantha is a Certified Landscape Technician and has a Residential Landscaping diploma.
Shelley Nyhan - Senior Manager
Shelley joined our team in 2018. Having a Masters in Science, she quickly found a passion for our industry and furthered her education getting both an RLT diploma and CLHT certification. Shelley loves educating our team and clients on the best practices in horticulture. 
Tim Fry - Landscape Maintenance Manager
Tim joined our team with a wealth of experience in the landscape industry. He attended University College of the Fraser Valley in the Horticulture and Integrated Pest Management Program. He also has an RLT diplomas and CLHT certification. In his “younger days”, Tim toured throughout North America in a punk rock band!


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