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Para Space Landscaping provides an excellent working environment for its staff, focusing heavily on company culture. We know that good people are hard to find and retain, so we endeavour to make it a great place to work. In fact we were voted by our staff to be one of BC’s Best Companies to Work for and are committed to keeping it that way!


As we are living in an unprecedented time, we have made several efforts and policy changes to ensure the safety of our employees remain our #1 priority while providing steady work. How does landscaping keep you safe and working?

  • We are an essential service working outdoors!
  • Daily employee screening
  • All employees are given a reusable mask
  • No contact with public
  • No carpooling
  • Social distancing with crew
  • Working outside with plants
  • Hand Washing Stations on all work trucks
  • Constant sanitation between machine use
  • Personal PPE, no sharing
  • Online training
  • and more!
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We’re actively looking to fill the following positions:

Position Department Status Date
Landscaper Landscape Maintenance Full-time, Permanent April 2021
Experienced Landscaper Landscape Maintenance Full-time, Permanent April 2021
Landscape Maintenance Supervisor Landscape Maintenance Full-time, Permanent April 2021
Landscape Construction Supervisor Landscape Services Full-time, Permanent April 2021
Irrigation Service Technician Irrigation Full-time, Permanent April 2021


Staff Reviews

Average rating:  
 18 reviews
by Daniel Kyle on Paraspace

Tough work but rewarding. Great way to gain horticulture knowledge!

by Matt H. on Paraspace

I worked for Para Space for 19 years as a Level 1 Mentoring Supervisor. They are extremely committed to training, education, people development... View more


Watch what past interns have said about their experience working at Para Space.

Here are some of the reasons why our staff choose to work at Para Space Landscaping.


Para Space Landscaping was founded in 1979 by Peter Foley. He had a vision to take the landscaping company far beyond what anyone had done before. Part of this meant providing year round employment to staff, something unheard of in this predominantly seasonal industry. We are proud to be ‘layoff free’! Our staff can always count on full time employment, no matter the season.

Competitive Wages and Advancement

We offer competitive wages with increases awarded based on effort, involvement and those who take on more responsibility. At Para Space we strive to promote from within the organization and make it easy to advance by having a clear, set wage structure for all to follow. Promotions are based on merit, not seniority, so advancement often happens quickly for those like-minded individuals who strive for it.


Para Space provides training that is second to none! Our On The Job Training program is a huge part of our company culture and has helped make us the successful company that we are today. Training doesn’t just happen at the entry level, but also for those advancing to new positions, especially roles involving leadership.


We are a group of professionals, and in order to be a true professional, we believe you must have some industry education and accreditation. Our team boasts the most accredited staff of any landscaping company in all of BC! It all starts with our expansive in-house education program which serves to introduce our staff to a wide range of horticultural and job related topics. From there we sponsor many staff to attend outside education, as related to their position, such as the Residential Landscape Technician Program and Landscape Horticulture Apprenticeship.

Team Environment

We know how important it is to work with a good team of people… after all you spend a lot of your time with them! That is why we strive to hire and retain like-minded individuals to join us and spend so much of our resources reinvesting in our workplace culture. Some of the ways we do this is by hosting many team building events throughout the year such as our company summit, community service day, go kart racing and bowling night. We also have committees which meet throughout the year where staff have the opportunity to voice their ideas to management on how we can all work together to make the company even better.

Company Benefits and Perks

Para Space Landscaping offers a solid extended health coverage package and RRSP top up program to all of its qualifying employees. Our staff are also well cared for receiving ‘swag’ throughout the year. All leaders receive 24/7 use of our in-house fitness centre and staff lounge.

Meaningful Work

Why do our staff love working here so much? A lot of it has to do with the nature of the work. Landscaping is very therapeutic (fresh air, physical) and allows people to tap into their creative side. It also provides an outlet to help others live more fulfilling lives through the enjoyment of their gardens. At the end of every day, our team goes home feeling accomplished and can sleep soundly at night knowing they have made a difference!

Community and Environment

Para Space and its team members are dedicated to giving back to the communities we serve. Each year we select one major community service project to donate our equipment, materials and expertise to. This involves partnering with our generous suppliers and team members (and their families!) who donate materials and volunteer time respectively. The goal of our projects is twofold… improve the lives of others and better our environment.

Award Winning Work

Our staff take pride in the high quality work they do and we want them to be recognized for it. Para Space and its staff are proud winners of multiple landscape maintenance and installation awards such as the BC Landscape Award of Excellence and the PLANET Environmental Improvement Award.

Innovation and Excellent Equipment

At Para Space, we believe in being innovative. Our mission is to always be moving forward and finding new and improved ways of doing things. Part of this involves trialling new equipment to find more efficient and less labour intensive ways of doing things. It also means having the latest and greatest fleet of trucks and equipment that are also very well maintained.

Safe Working Environment

We care about our staff and always ensure their safety is top priority. In fact, we have gone so far as to achieve COR (Certificate of Recognition) status for going beyond the call of duty for our safe work practices and procedures.

Myths about landscaping careers

Top five myths about landscaping work and how Para Space is different from the competition

Myth 1: Landscaping is a seasonal job. False! We offer year-round work.

Myth 2: Shifts are long and start at 6:00 am. False! We work from 8:00 am to 4:45 pm.

Myth 3: I will have to work weekends and holidays. False! We never work on weekends or holidays.

Myth 4: I need experience before I can apply for a job. False! We provide on-the-job training, so no experience is required.

Myth 5: Landscaping is not a “real” trade. False! Landscaping is a Red Seal Trade.

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