Landscape Maintenance

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Whether you prefer a hands-on or hands-off approach to your grounds maintenance, we take the weight off your shoulders with our comprehensive landscaping program.

Team up with experts that ensure all your landscape needs are covered
Balance curb appeal with the cost of protecting your investment
Quick seasonal cleanups and pruning to make your yard look its best

Para Space is a multiple award winning industry leader in landscape maintenance. We provide comprehensive services for multi-family (strata) housingcommercial properties, and residential homes.

Quality maintenance helps protect your investment, as well as preserve the beauty and function of your landscape. Find out today why 95% of our clients renew our contract after experiencing our maintenance program.

Proactive Communication

One of the major keys to our success is proactive communication which has led to many long term relationships with our clients.

We provide one contact from Para Space who will manage your landscape on a proactive basis.

Reports from regular inspections will keep you updated on our service and include items for your consideration.

Photo of two Para Space employees dong a deficiency report for a client onsite

Protect Your Investment

  • Landscaping can add 20% to the property value of a building. Even small projects, like adding a patio, hedge, or garden, can add 4-12%.
  • Planting trees near a home can reduce heating bills by 10-50% per year and reduce air conditioning bills by 25-30% per year.
  • Communities with parks and gardens have lower crime rates, less road rage and more pride.
  • Trees can act as natural filters for both greenhouse gases and particulate matter in urban landscapes.
  • Urban landscapes can reduce air temperature by 4.4 degrees celsius and noise pollution up to 15 decibels.
  • Studies show there is less graffiti, vandalism, and littering in outdoor spaces with natural landscapes than in comparable spaces with no plant material.


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