Building Envelope Remediation

During the 1980’s and 1990’s, poor building practices led to tens of thousands of condominium residents experiencing water ingress into their units. This resulted in numerous buildings needing envelope repairs. Most of these situations have been long since dealt with; however, if your building is over 25 years old, you likely have already or will be budgeting for membrane repairs.


How We Can Help

Once the extent of the repair is determined by an engineering service, any above slab or rooftop landscape that is in the area will need to be removed. We can remove the trees, shrubs and soil down to the membrane layer readying it for the roofing company to remediate.

Depending on the extent, most municipalities will require permits for the repair. They will often request a landscape plan of what is existing and landscape plans of what will be reinstalled. We can provide these drawings and a new updated design plan with an estimate for reinstallation.

From drawings, plant and soil removal to an updated reinstall, Para Space can assist with your restoration project.


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