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 by Adam Hickey on Paraspace

A great environment and great people working in the company. Amazing and friendly work culture.

 by Jake Chen on Paraspace

I like one of the best companies, paid training, nice and friendly teams and supervisors, a clear career path, learning materials, and plans. I took new job to take care of my family as well, maybe work at home, part-time, or self-employed

 by Liam Patrickson (student) on Paraspace

From the beginning managers provided helpful and important information, this continued in the field as supervisors gave me hands-on instruction which was both constructive and productive. The education in the field continued as supervisors were always readily available for questions during working periods and provided feedback at the end of the work day. The culture fostered at Para Space was incredibly professional! From attendance to workplace practices and dialogue everything at Para Space was presented and enforced professionally. I had to return back to school but would love to join the team again someday.

 by Carlo on Paraspace

The work culture is good and Supervisors teach well, other crew members give each other tips and celebrates each other’s wins. Everyone tries to make each other better at their job.

 by Alfredo Merida on Paraspace

I think Paraspace is a very well organized company, with very clear and standardized procedures. Also the App they use says the locations, schedules and other info in a very convenient way. I also think that all the team is very friendly and the supervisors were helpful during the learning process. Team building days (specially golf day) were a blast! Overall I would recommend people to work, I am very grateful with the company and I can only thank all of you.

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