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 by Alfredo Merida on Paraspace

I think Paraspace is a very well organized company, with very clear and standardized procedures. Also the App they use says the locations, schedules and other info in a very convenient way. I also think that all the team is very friendly and the supervisors were helpful during the learning process. Team building days (specially golf day) were a blast! Overall I would recommend people to work, I am very grateful with the company and I can only thank all of you.

 by Sean Jones on Paraspace

For a labour company the culture is fairly chipper. Supervisors and other staff would bring positive vibes throughout the day. I also liked how they got me working and earning asap after I was hired. They are lenient with giving unpaid days off and were understanding when I had a family emergency. While I was always looking for a role that was better suited to my education (which is why I left), I felt that I was well equipped to do my job well within the company.

 by Felix Gacusana Jr on Paraspace

It's camaraderie and education focused. Most workers, especially supervisors and managers, were always willing to lend a helping hand or offer advice. I enjoyed the fact that Paraspace invested in continued learning for their employees in their workshops and seminars. Thus, offering a higher quality service to the clients.

 by Anastasia on Paraspace

Very friendly staff, exercise, team work, and being outdoors. This wan an amazing help for my mental and physical health during the pandemic.

 by Chelsea on Paraspace

I really enjoyed the flexibility for time off and getting to work with so many different people. The company culture  is very much a “family” kind of orientation

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