Barrels of Beauty | Summer Annuals at Granville Island

May 27, 2024

Barrels of Beauty

This past week, our team was hard at work on Granville Island, refreshing the planter barrels for our 2024 Summer Annuals Plant Up! We are proud to collaborate with Granville Island and contribute to the beauty of this vibrant community.

Six Years and Going!

Having planted summer annuals at Granville Island for the past six years, we consistently introduce approximately 2,500 annuals and meticulously care for 24 flower hanging baskets each summer! Our team looks forward to revitalizing the planters with fresh and healthy plants that breathe new life into the surroundings. In the winter, we plant another 2,500 plants and 750 primulas, followed by 1,700 bulbs in the spring, ensuring the landscape at Granville Island is always looking its best.

Finalized planted annuals at Granville Island

Our Summer Annuals

This year’s selection of summer annuals included a variety of plants such as Pennisetum, Begonia, Salvia, Dichondra, Coleus, Verbena, and Ipomoea. Seeing the delight on the faces of passersby as they enjoy the newly installed plants throughout the island is not only fulfilling but also highlights the positive impact our work has on the island.

History of Granville Island

Did you know that in the 1970s Granville Island transformed from an industrial area to what many Vancouverites, tourists, and staff know and love today? One of the island’s most famous areas, the Public Market, is the home of over 50 restaurants and food suppliers. More than 300 businesses operate on the island, offering jobs for 3000 people and a home for many artists, craft shops, and community areas at Granville Island. Explore some of the upgrades our Para Space team has made at Granville Island here.


We look forward to many more annuals plant ups in the future, ensuring that Granville Island remains a vibrant destination for locals and visitors all year-round.


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