Guide to Planting Summer Flower Displays in BC

May 9, 2022

How to create eye-catching flower displays that will boost your property value!


As we celebrate the Year of the Garden, there is no easier way to boost your property’s curb appeal than with beautiful flower displays. Around Metro Vancouver, garden centres are gearing up for the summer season as avid (and novice) gardeners flock to the shelves in search of their favourite flowers. So, let’s all “live the garden life” and get ready for summer!


Why Flowers Are an Easy Investment:

A bright cheery landscape full of healthy and interesting plants can increase a property’s value up to 15%. That’s why seasonal flower displays can add a colourful impact on a property for all to enjoy as they pass by. These displays enhance an area of focus and draw the eye through the beautiful landscape.
It creates a sense of change and renewal when plants are switched out as the seasons shift. Seasonal flowers are the easiest way to make a quick transformation to a property’s landscape and helps keep things looking fresh and current.


Maintaining Your Displays:

  • It is critical that display beds be properly prepared and planted, and that the plants are cared for after installation.
  • Weekly maintenance (picking out spent flowers) and fertilization through the season will keep your displays looking their best.


How to Structure Your Flower Displays:

The components of a plant display can be broken down into three main sections: thriller, filler, and spiller. By combining all these components, you will create showstopping displays that will instantly boost your property’s curb appeal.


You should always start with the “thriller” of a display. As the name suggests, this is the biggest, most bold element within your display. Its purpose is to make a statement and it should have some height to stand up taller or wider than the other plants. The shapes you choose should be strong and pronounced.


This component includes all the foliage and flowering plants surrounding the thriller. Again, the name says it all. Fillers are used to fill in empty space left within the pot or planted bed. You should use these plants to compliment the larger focal point while occupying the leftover empty space.


The spiller trails out of the container or along the garden bed and brings the entire display together. It is the skirt surrounding the other design elements. Spillers usually serve as a great counterbalance to the thriller which stands tall above the other plants. Adding colour and texture below the pot rim or along the bed will establish a more balanced display.



Not sure which plants to choose for your display? Here are some tips from The Laidback Gardener’s blog.


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