Why Do Leaves Change Colour? Ask a Landscaper!

November 13, 2020

Why do leaves change colour in autumn?

For anyone curious, here’s our Plant Health Care manager, Hayley, answering all your questions about fall foliage.

Fall plants and their bright colours are universally adored. Especially here in Vancouver, where we have among the highest tree canopy coverage in the entire world, the colours yellow, red, orange, and brown, are a huge part of a classic fall aesthetic. It’s almost impossible to hear the word “autumn” without the colours of fall foliage bursting into your mind alongside it.

The science behind leaves changing colour in the fall isn’t something most people think about. That’s because it’s easy to enjoy the dewy oranges and deep crimson reds of autumn trees without knowing why they’re that colour! Nonetheless, some people curiously ask: why do leaves change colour in the fall?

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