Healthy Workplace Award Winner!

November 18, 2020

We are proud to have won this year’s Healthy Workplace Award in the 2020 Burnaby Business Excellence Awards!

The winners for the 21st annual Burnaby Business Excellence Awards were announced by the Burnaby Board of Trade at a live-streamed event celebrating the best of Burnaby’s business community.  The annual awards program, which was presented jointly by the City of Burnaby and the Burnaby Board of Trade, recognizes leading businesses and not-for-profit organizations in Burnaby for their success, innovation, community involvement, and environmental sustainability.



The Healthy Workplace Award recognizes a Burnaby business that prioritizes the value of employee health and wellness. It also recognizes employers who create a culture that supports employees in their efforts to achieve work-life balance, and maintain and improve their physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

Congratulations to our team’s achievements! Here are some of the ways we’ve created a healthy workplace culture:

The nature of the job:

    • Studies found that physical and perceived stress levels decreased significantly among individuals who maintained a community garden plot compared with those who exercised indoors. Research has shown that urban green spaces improve the quality of life for people living in those communities.
    • Studies have shown that gardening on a daily basis was found to reduce risk factors for dementia by 36%.

Pandemic response:

      • Our response to the pandemic from the onset was to protect both our employees and clients.
      • Instituting guidelines to limit virus spread and keep our employees healthy.
      • Hand washing stations have been installed on our company vehicles.
      • All staff have been provided with individual Personal Protective Equipment (eye protection and headsets).
      • We have implemented operational enhancements to limit employee and client exposure to the virus.
      • We are providing safety guidance and supplies appropriate for our field employees and the nature of their work.

Work-life balance:

    • It is important that staff at Para Space have a healthy work-life balance. Staff are permitted to take unlimited vacations during the year.

In-house education “Stay ParaFit” seminar:

    • This seminar teaches staff how to prepare themselves for heavy work through proper stretching and good body position to ensure every workday can be pain and injury free.
    • The seminar focuses on personal accountability with a basic training regiment, stretch program, and tips and tricks for the workplace.

Employee benefits are an extremely important part of an employee’s financial security.

    • Para Space provides employees with a comprehensive group benefits and RRSP program.
    • Through the group benefits program, it is our goal to foster the morale of the workplace and provide for the welfare of our employees.

Return to work program

    • Katie Bush (our safety coordinator) brings a wealth of knowledge to her position with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and an Occupational Health and Safety Certificate.
    • She supports our staff through our return to work program which is a proactive way for employers to help injured workers stay at work or return to productive and safe employment as soon as physically possible.




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