How to Improve Curb Appeal: Ask a Landscaper!

October 14, 2020

Curb Appeal

What does “curb appeal” actually mean? It means pretty much exactly what you think: how does your home, building, or residence look from the street? In other words: would potential buyers have any interest in your building, or would they walk away?

Check out this video from our “Ask a Landscaper” series in which Cody, one of our maintenance managers, discusses curb appeal.

Curb appeal can be affected by a great many factors Рbuilding age, size, condition, cleanliness, and more Рbut good landscape design and maintenance is by far the most likely to sway potential buyers. Landscaping (which includes plants, topography, water, stone, and more) is one of our most important visual needs, so designing and maintaining a landscape in a way that works for residents can  creates a sense of place, a sense of being, and a sense of community, thereby making people more comfortable and positive.

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