Paving Stone, Concrete Slab & Flagstone Installation

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Patios, Walkways, Driveways

> Custom designs
> Free consultations
> Expert installation

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Paver Re-Leveling

> Joint sand application
> Excavation
> Drainage

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Gaps, Cracks, Borders

> Edge restraints/realignment
> Replacement materials
> Wash out cleaning

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Certified Certified
Our team of hardscape experts hold multiple certifications including advanced residential concrete paving, Aquapave installation, landscape design, and more!
Warranty Protected Warranty Protected
Para Space is confident in our quality service. We include a one year hardscape warranty on all of our slab, paver, and flagstone projects. Learn more HERE.


Material Breakdown

There are several different materials you can use for in-ground patios, pathways, driveways, and features, but the three most common insalled by landscapers are paving stones, concrete slabs and flagstone.


Paving Stones

Pavers are small, concrete, segmental units with a wide array of applications. Pavers are interlocking, which makes them extremely strong and durable when installed properly. They’re extremely versatile and are a great choice for driveways.

Base preparation is key for the longevity of the installation. Once the pavers are installed, it is important to use the correct jointing sand and proper compaction. Due to usage and weather conditions, minor maintenance sanding yearly will help extend the life of the area

Pavers can be installed in a variety of different patterns. The most common patterns are running bond, herringbone, and ashler.

Segmental Concrete Slabs

Concrete Slabs are larger, thin segmental concrete units. Their size and shape (usually rectangular or square) allow them to more easily intermingle with softscapes (good for creative designs).

Slabs can be laid with or without gaps between them. Pathways can be straight lines or detached curves. Patios can be spaced-out grids with groundcover or grass between them, or laid with no spaces to create uniform rectangular or square patios.

Natural Flagstone

Flagstone comes in a variety of natural colours and shapes. It’s quarried in naturally shaped pieces from sedimentary rocks like limestone, sandstone, bluestone, and slate.

Flagstone will have small spaces between each stone slab once it’s laid, allowing for water permeation. However, you’ll want to choose a material to fill the joints such as polymeric sand, crusher dust, grass, soil, moss or hardy groundcovers.

For more information check out our list of pros and cons for each material.


Additional Paving Stone and Segmental Concrete Slab Services

Along with our professional installation services, we also offer our clients a range of other paver and slab related services for all their hardscape needs.


Paver Re-Leveling Paver Re-Leveling
Have puddles, sunken areas, tripping hazards, or uneven gaps in your surfaces? Likely you’re in need of an expert’s opinion on what solution fits you best. Learn more HERE.
Material Replacement and Border Alignment
Got a cracked slab, washed out soil on your walkway, or borders in need of straightening? Our team can rejuvenate your surface to look brand new.