Paver Stone Re-Leveling Services

Wonky and unlevel paving stones on driveways, walkways, or patios are common problems for homeowners. Whether you are noticing puddling, sunken stones or sections, tripping hazards or simply groups of uneven gaps; You will likely need to re-level your surface.


Why Are My Pavers Unlevel/Puddling?

Unlevel paving stones happen for several reasons, some of the more common are listed below:


Weather erosion and heavy rainfall (especially in fall/wintertime) can cause washouts, debris/dirt buildup in joints, and erosion of the jointing material which will inevitably affect the base stabilization.

Improper paver installation from a rushed or inexperienced company. due to incorrect base depths and preparation, improper subgrade leveling, and not using the correct materials.

Inconsistent jointing sand application and paver maintenance. We recommend an owner apply jointing sand to their paving stone surfaces yearly to ensure they remain durable in their interlocked state. Improper paver maintenance can lead to failure of the structural integrity.


Why Para Space?

We can help you solve your paver problems ensuring our clients high quality hardscapes that will last.


Certified Certified
Our team of hardscape experts hold multiple certifications including advanced residential concrete paving, on-site stormwater control, landscape design, and more!
Warranty Protected Warranty Protected
Para Space is confident in our quality service. We include a one year hardscape warranty on all of our slab, paver, and flagstone projects. Learn moreĀ HERE.


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