Project Coming Soon | Williams Community Space Rejuvenation

July 7, 2021

We are very proud to be involved in a local community restoration project in Burnaby. The “Pollinator Park” is planned to be completed by August 2021.

Overall, our goal is to help transform a forgotten and underutilized area into a beautiful and vibrant green space for the benefit of residents and visitors of the community!‍


Current Landscape Condition:


The project will include:

  • The addition of outdoor seating such as benches and alternative structures.
  • A trash and recycling unit for continued cleanliness.
  • The installation of a large wooden pergola for shade and to support the addition of climbing hop vines.
  • Designing and installing raised hexagonal wooden planter beds to serve as a pollinator garden. This will be a ‘bee hotel’ and will support the long term maintenance of a healthy neighbourhood pollinator insect population.
  • Potentially the addition of public art made from brewery equipment, barrels, etc.


Click Here to See the Full Sized Project Outline!


Project Partners and How to Get Involved:

This project’s partners include the Green Cities Foundation, Steamworks Brewing Co., GardenWorks Canada, the BC Landscape and Nursery Association, and the Canadian Nursery and Landscape Association.

Other generous supporters to this project include; Atkinson Landscaping Inc, Blue Pine Enterprises Ltd., Golden Spruce Nurseries, East Richmond Nurseries Inc., Coastal Irrigation Inc., Art’s Nursery, Bishop Landscaping, Total Grounds Effects, Kato’s Nursery, Exemplar Horticulture, and Habitat Systems Inc.

To get involved, you can make an online donation here! Stay tuned for the beautiful after photos when the project is complete!

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