Meet “Larry the Lawnmower”

July 12, 2021

Also known as Lare-bear, Larry Boy, Lucky Larry, Lare Lare!

We know great things can be designed, but do they work for our landscaping service operations? As part of our mission to stay on the cutting edge of technology and innovation in our industry, we have recently installed an autonomous mower on one of our sites to do a test trial. There are some key driving forces that are pushing us into exploring the use of autonomous mowers (robotic mowers) in our day-to-day services. Our primary goals are to increase sustainability and to reduce noise and pollution for residents and the community at large.

Here are some other pros for using robotic mowers:

  • Automowers deliver high-precision satellite navigation which allows for accuracy within 2-3cm of its target zone.
  • There is less property damage because the cutting blades on an automower are unlikely to fling rocks and other objects
    off the lawn.
  • Autonomous mowers are completely safe to operate around pets and small children due to the many sensors placed
    within the device. These sensors are highly sensitive and can detect, stop, and reverse away from obstacles or dangers.
    The blades stop and retract as soon as the automower is lifted or tilted.
  • Have a better looking lawn:
  • The run frequency and sharp blades cut grass clippings very short, which allows them to act as natural fertilizer for
    the lawn. This natural fertilizer makes the lawn healthier, lowers grass fertilizer costs, and is more sustainable for the
  • Since the automower runs at all times, it is consistently cutting weeds prevents them from growing to flower so lawn
    weed problems become a thing of the past!

We are excited to give a full report on the trial run when it’s complete. Stay tuned!

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