Turning Our Compassion Into Action

July 15, 2021

Last month we set out to help a family in our community who are dealing with a painful crisis. When this family’s second child was born they received devastating news that their son had several congenital heart defects and would require multiple heart surgeries early on in life. At only five days old he had his first procedure to dilate the aortic valve with the hope that he may be able to wait a few years before requiring further intervention.

Unfortunately, over the next month he was in and out of the hospital 4 times with congestive heart failure. The surgical options available to him were limited because of his tiny size. The doctors treating him agreed that he would likely not get matched with a donor in time for a transplant so the decision was made to send him to the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto where just 4 days later he underwent open heart surgery. After spending several months recovering in Toronto, their little baby boy is now back home with his mom, dad and older sister.

In celebration of his return home, our team goal was to create a backyard that both baby and sister could enjoy together. So over the course of a weekend we came together to bring their garden to life and provide a safe area for the children to play in!

We’d also like to thank Northwest Landscape Supply and Golden Spruce Nurseries for their generous donations of materials and plants to make this project happen!

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