Give your garden a natural boost

June 26, 2018

Topdressing planted beds with organic soil amender is one of the most beneficial improvements that can be made to any landscape. It keeps garden plants vigorous and healthy, and the aesthetic appeal of a dark rich soil has an immediate result of boosting the value of your property.

As our global consciousness turns to the environment, we continue to strive to make responsibly significant and positive environmental changes. The regular addition of compost topdressing to your landscapes improves nutrient availability to plant material, improves clay soils by making them more workable, helps sandy soils hold more water, and increases plants’ ability to withstand drought. Thus, the environmental impact of using organic soil is clearly evident. It is estimated that 50% of the water used for irrigation during the summer months is wasted due to run-off, evaporation, or overwatering. Organic soils are created to reduce the need for watering, and conserving water benefits our environment.

Did you know?

Studies show that more than 40% of what we send to the landfill is organic waste, much of which can be composted. Para Space prides itself on being a leader in urban sustainability. We recycle green waste collected from our services and the organic soil we use for topdressing contains green waste that has been diverted from landfills.



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