Organization Chart & Project Management Approach

Project Management Approach

If awarded the contract, we would assign a top Landscape Maintenance Manager to ‘quarterback’ all of the activities needed to execute the scope of work.
Landscape Maintenance Manager (Primary Contact) – All communication between Tsawwassen Mills and Para Space would go through the assigned Landscape Maintenance Manager to ensure clarity. This Manager would be responsible for directing all of the needed work. This includes directly overseeing the Landscape Maintenance Supervisor who would lead the crew working on the ground as well as other specialized team members who would perform work in a ‘satellite’ manner. As part of this, the Manager would tour the property in detail once per week and occasionally work with the crew to ensure they understand the challenges presented by such a unique property and address them appropriately.
This Manager (your point person) would internally coordinate with the team members below. Due to our sophistication our company has developed a very successful system and chain of command of specialized team members. We feel that this proven structure is one of the secrets to our success.

  • Landscape Maintenance Supervisor – Takes directives from the Landscape Maintenance Manager and put them into action utilizing a team of experienced, regular staff. This supervisor would have several years of field experience under their belt as well as industry accreditation. Their primary focus would be to execute the basic landscape maintenance tasks such as litter removal, lawn care, bed work, flower care, pruning, pond maintenance etc. Part of their weekly duties would be to complete a full walk around of the property to note and either tackle deficiencies or report those that fall outside of our scope (e.g. irrigation break, vandalism) to their manager to pass along to the owner.
  • Plant Health Care Production Manager – Schedules and oversees the activities of all Plant Health Care Division related activity. They would report to the Landscape Maintenance Manager weekly at a minimum.
  • Irrigation Coordinator – Responsible for scheduling and overseeing all irrigation related work. They would report to the Landscape Maintenance Manager as needed during the irrigation season.
  • Landscape Services Manager – Designs and oversees any major construction projects completed by their team. They would report to the Landscape Maintenance Manager as required.
  • Landscape Services Supervisor – Repairs and Installs new landscape elements (mulch, flowers, plants, pavers etc.) with the help of their team. On smaller projects, they will report directly to the Landscape Maintenance Manager and on larger construction projects, they will report to the Landscape Services Manager.
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