Topdressing For Planted Beds

Compost topdressing/mulching is one of the most beneficial landscape upgrades that can be done in any garden for many reasons. Organic matter or humus is the “hidden treasure” in the soil profile and compost is composed entirely of organic material. The benefits of increasing humus include better water absorption and drainage, increased microbial activity, increased nutrient holding and availability, cooler soil surface temperatures, better soil tilth or workability and a consistent dark brown attractive surface appearance. All soil types benefit from increased humus; sandy soils hold more water; clay soils drain better; low fertility soils gain nutrients. We recommend soil be topdressed with 5 centimeter of compost based soil amendment every 3 years for best results.

Prior to topdressing all open bed areas we complete extensive bed preparation that includes removal of weeds, deep edging of all bed edges and lipping back along all curbs and walkways to ensure soil stays in place after installation. The best time to complete this work is from late fall through early spring while plants are dormant resulting in less damage to leaves and/or flowers.