Taxus Problems

Taxus Program 



Taxus (Yew) is a very common plant in our area, but unfortunately it suffers from a series of problems that need a comprehensive program. Our Taxus program includes treatment of Black Vine Weevils, Webworms, soil PH, and even root rot.

One of the main problems Taxus suffer from is the attack of the Black Vine Weevil. The larvae of this insect feed on roots, and the adult feeds on foliage. The problem can often be difficult to predict until the damage is severe, at which point it’s too late. Periodic Nematode applications and close monitoring are necessary to keep this pest in check.

Another common pest that attacks is the Taxus Webworm. This insect feeds on foliage and can cause severe defoliation if left unattended. Spring applications of BT are recommended to keep their numbers to a minimum.

Soil PH problems can also have detrimental effects on the establishment of Taxus. The symptoms start as yellowing on foliage and later, plants will fail to grow in spring. A fall application of lime is recommended to improve the soil PH around these plants.

Taxus can also suffer from root rot. This problem is caused by the plant’s roots being subjected to wet soils for long periods. We recommend to either improve drainage of the soil or to replace the Taxus with plants that tolerate wet conditions.

We have developed a program that tackles all these problems. The program includes timely applications of high quality fertilizers, lime, Nematodes, and BT. If needed, we will also make recommendations to replace lost plants. We recommend applying this program to all poorly performing or pest infected plants until they are fully established and healthy.