Power Raking

Power raking is used in early spring to remove thatch and moss from the lawn. Thatch is a combination of dead and living material that accumulates on the soil surface. A small amount of thatch is desirable because it helps to moderate soil temperature fluctuations and provides a cushion on the soil surface. Too much thatch (more than 1/2 inch) interferes with water and air movement, reduces nutrient absorption, and increases disease and insect activity. Eventually, roots may start growing in the thatch, and since thatch does not hold much water, the turf then becomes very susceptible to drought stress.

Moss in a lawn can lead to a lawn looking less green at certain times of year. In summer, moss which is usually green, can turn brown with the summer’s heat. By not removing moss and thatch weeds can more easily colonize the grass. Dethatching should be carried out as needed, this will depend on the lawn and how prone it is to moss build up. Wet shaded lawns may need this treatment more often. All lawns should be dethatched a minimum of every three years.