Mineral Oil

Mineral Oil


Sooty Mold on leaves

Mineral Oils have been used to control pests for centuries and are some of the most effective, safe alternatives to synthetic insecticides and fungicides.  Mineral oil may be used to control various pests including scales, aphids, whiteflies, mites and sooty mold.

Mineral Oils primarily control target pests by smothering insects and mites, blocking their respiratory systems, destroying the waxy coating on their bodies, interfering with their feeding and smothering their eggs. There is also a repellent effect discouraging insects from even laying eggs.

Other advantages of Mineral Oils include safety, and the limited effect on beneficial insects. Mineral Oils pose few risks to people and pets; toxicity is minimal and oils quickly dissipate through evaporation, leaving little residue. There is also little risk to non-target insects, including beneficial insects that can be natural enemies of insect pests. This allows oils to be used in conjunction with biological controls.

Aphid colony actively feeding on the underside of a leaf.