Leatherjacket Control – Nematodes

Leatherjackets are the larvae of the Crane flies; an insect resembling a large mosquito. Crane flies lay their eggs in the fall. After hatching, the small larvae travel down to the roots of the grass and begin feeding on the root system.

If present in large numbers, this pest can cause serious damage to lawns that are under stress. Lawns suffering from poor drainage, poor soil fertility, and compacted soils are the most susceptible. It is also common for newly installed lawns which are not yet established to succumb to Leatherjacket infestation.

An effective method of control is the use of Nematodes, microscopic worms that actively infect and kill the Leatherjackets. The most important feature of this treatment is that Nematodes are 100% natural, and pose zero risk to the environment, pets, or people. We recommend two applications in spring and early fall.