Lawn Weed Control

Lawns are made of very competitive grasses; however, weeds are as resilient and in certain conditions even more competitive than the grasses.

Uneven watering, compaction, poor drainage, drought, etc. can all make the grasses stressed and less competitive. These conditions will allow the weeds to get a foothold on the lawns and slowly but surely take over the entire area.

In the past, we were able to use fairly inexpensive and effective herbicides to control these weeds. However, recently that has changed. Municipalities are looking into making their cities greener, and more environmentally safe; we are in full agreement.

This means that we either learn to live with weeds in our lawns, or use environmentally safe products to control them.

We are happy to report that a new safer product has been developed recently. However, it is very expensive and not as effective as the old herbicides.

This product is made with concentrated form of iron, which means it does not affect the soil or animals. It will affect many of the common weeds found in lawns. We have found that after one application the lawns look 50% free of weeds. To get the best results however, it is recommended to do two applications. After two applications, there will be some weeds that will not be affected, and others may grow back, but the lawns will look 70 to 80% cleaner than if left untreated.