European Chafer Control – Nematodes

The European Chafer is a voracious and devastating pest that invades lawns. The damage starts when the chafer grubs feed on lawn roots. Later on, the damage intensifies when predatory animals such as raccoons, skunks, and crows tear up lawns looking to feed on these grubs.

Grubs hatch around mid-July and immediately begin feeding on grass roots. By the end of October, these larvae are over one inch in length and are almost unstoppable. They feed for the duration of the winter and then pupate in early spring. The adult beetles emerge in late May, fly to nearby deciduous trees where they mate and subsequently deposit their eggs in nearby lawns where the cycle repeats.

Nematodes are microscopic worms that actively infect and kill the European Chafer. They naturally live in small numbers in the soil, but when applied in larger concentrations, Nematodes can dramatically reduce many pest numbers.

The most important feature of this treatment is that Nematodes are 100% natural, and pose zero risk to the environment, pets, or people.

To be most effective, Nematodes must be applied in mid to late July, and lawns need to be watered for at least three weeks after the application.