Something Smells?

January 17, 2015

Dormant Oil and Lime Sulphur applications stink; literally! They smell like rotten eggs. The smell doesn’t last long but the effects do. The application leaves behind is the BEST protection from insects that you can get for deciduous trees.

You may wonder… is it safe? – YES, completely. Pest Management Regulatory Agency, a branch of Health Canada, has approved Lime Sulphur for use throughout Canada. The BC Government approves its use under the Integrated Pest Management Regulation and ALL lower mainland municipalities have its use permitted.


These organic and safe products have been used in combination since the 1800’s by farmers and home owners. You will soon see our Plant Health Care team of trained and certified professionals applying these products at many locations around Metro Vancouver.


An application of Dormant Oil and Lime Sulphur provides insect control by smothering target pests. This oil also disrupts the metabolism of insect eggs and the ability of some insects to feed. Lime sulphur stops the reproduction of fungi by stopping the germination of spores.


During the winter months of December through February while the plant is dormant.


This treatment is used on all woody plants that include but are not limited to plum, maple, cherry, magnolia, birch, oak, crab apples, and dogwood.


Deciduous trees are susceptible to numerous pests and diseases. For example, aphids damage leaves and transmit viruses; caterpillar larvae and mites over winter and cause problems during the growing season; black spot and powdery mildew are damaging fungal diseases; and both moss and algae can harm trees.

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