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The Japanese Beetle is a government recognized and regulated invasive pest. The Beetle aggressively attacks and eats plant material like roots, leaves, flowers, and over 300 species of plants. Despite the extensive damage they can cause to plant life, there is no direct risk to humans.


As you live in a priority area, the government has funded the treatment, containment, and eradication of the Japanese Beetle and our treatment service is FREE. The service typically takes one hour and only requires one application.

Our FREE SERVICE is the application of a larvicide, Acelepryn, which is safe for humans and animals and helps stop the spread of the Japanese Beetle while in its larval stage. It will be applied by our licensed Plant Health Care Technicians. This method has seen great success and, since 2018, resulted in a 98% decrease in Japanese Beetle numbers.


It is a legal requirement that Para Space Landscaping posts a sign for the treatment of the Japanese Beetle. This sign not only acts as a notice of Larvicide application, but also as a confirmation of service. PLEASE DO NOT DISPOSE OF TREATMENT SIGNS. Signs will be removed by Para Space staff within 48 hours of application.


Japanese Beetle Sign Up


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