Irrigation Warranty

The installation of a new irrigation system can be a costly endeavor. It is important to us that the work being done is completed to the highest industry standards to ensure the longevity of your newly installed system. Follow-up care and maintenance provided by the strata and/or homeowner is just as important to maintain the irrigation system in a thorough manner. Para Space’s warranty is intended to ensure the client that all work completed will be done so in the most professional fashion.


No warranty and/or guarantee work will be performed until payment is received in full.

1.    Irrigation System Warranty

1.1 This warranty covers any defects in materials and all installation and workmanship with the exceptions stated below. Refer to 1.3

1.2 This warranty runs for a period of one calendar year, from the time of substantial completion of the irrigation system to the end of that same year.

1.3 Exempt from warranty:

  • If subsequent work is done by another contractor in the area.
  • Damage to landscape and irrigation install due to improper use, neglect, vandalism, animal damage, and Acts of God.
  • Changes to the landscape that alter the system’s coverage or altered plant layout after the initial system install.
  • Any changes/adjustments made to the irrigation system by another contractor, includes building staff and strata.
  • Lack of system coverage and possible plant-loss caused by adhering to Metro Vancouver watering restrictions.
  • Damages caused in winter months after the irrigation system has been winterized by Para Space Landscaping Inc.
    • Snow plough damage
    • Reintroduction of water into the irrigation system, causing potential freezing damage