Irrigation Warranty

This warranty covers any defects in materials and all installation and workmanship with the exceptions stated below.

This warranty runs for a period of one calendar year, from the time of substantial completion of the install to the end of that same year.


  • If subsequent work is done in the area (not by Para Space), then the install is exempt from warranty.
  • Damage to landscape and irrigation install due to improper use, neglect, vandalism, animal damage and Acts of God.
  • Changes to the landscape that alter the coverage or plant layout of the initial install.
  • Any changes/adjustments made to the irrigation system by a contractor other than Para Space. Includes building staff and strata.
  • Lack of coverage and possible plant-loss caused by adhering to the current Metro Vancouver Watering Restrictions.
  • Damages caused in the winter months after the irrigation system has been winterized by Para Space.
    • Snow plough damage
    • Reintroduction of water into the irrigation system, causing potential freezing damage