Terms of Liability


Client is responsible for identifying all known/concealed hazards. Para Space shall not be held liable for damage to any undisclosed or concealed hazards including but not limited to unmarked pipes, structures or utilities beyond that provided by BC One Call.


Para Space assumes no liabilities or responsibilities for any cracking, breaking, puncturing, depressing, or any other damage to any driveway, patio, or other paved, bricked, stoned, concrete, or asphalted surface which may result from trucks and equipment being used to access the job site.

Extra charges:

Client agrees to pay additional sums on a time and materials basis for any additional work required to complete the job caused by concealed contingencies such as concrete, foreign matter, stinging insect nests, rock, pipe or electrical lines, or any other condition not readily apparent in estimating the work specified, or any delays resulting from unanticipated interruptions outside the control of Para Space Landscaping.

Safety for Us:

Client understands that all support systems, such as fall protection anchors and lighting protection systems are inspected annually by a certified inspector, to ensure the ss condition and integrity.

Safety for Them:

Para Space Landscaping will be responsible for the proper application of any plant health care material or formulation it uses that is commonly used in the business to control a specific problem on trees, shrubs, or plants, but will not be responsible for any unforeseen or abnormal reaction resulting from the use or application of any spray formulation.