Real Estate Packages Information

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Standard Spruce Up – $


Give your landscape the spruce up it needs before your next open house or housewarming event.


  • This package brings out the most in your current property without including additional upgrades.

  • Completes urgent (1-2 days notice) property touch-ups and staging so you can be ready in time.

  • This option is designed to help you get the most bang for your buck!

  • Scope of work includes:

    • One application of lawn care practices

      • Mowing of lawn turf

      • 90° edging of planted beds and hardscapes

      • Application of grass seed to bare areas

    • Pruning of formal shrubs

    • Clearance pruning of trees overhanging the house

    • Weeding of planted beds and hardscapes

    • Removal of all litter, plant material and leaf debris

Premium Makeover – $$


Breathe new life into damaged or tired yards with a fresh and seasonal design.


  • Go beyond basic touchups and staging with our Property Makeover package. Showcase your yard with a new fresh look.

  • Fast results within 2 weeks with the goal to enhance the front entry point or damaged area of a property, since these are the most focal points for first impressions.

  • Variety of trending seasonal makeover options depending on your property’s sunshade and unique characteristics.

  • Scope of work includes:

    • ALL items listed in previous Standard Spruce Up Package

    • Addition of 3” of organic soil amender to all front entrance beds

    • Planting of colourful seasonal flowers/plants to pots, or planted beds flagging a property’s entrance or hiding its damages

Deluxe Re-Design – $$$


Make comprehensive changes that transform your property in both appeal and value.


  • The deluxe re-design includes a lot of timing and preparation which goes into customizing the product to each unique property.

  • The timeframe is largely dependent on the project. You follow the design process from the first sketch to the final brick. This requires more time and personalization.

  • This tier will take a problemed landscape and turn it into an area of pride that brings the ‘wow’ factor.

  • Transition from ‘good’ to ‘excellent’ landscaping and increase your return on investment.

  • Highly impactful results that will make homebuyers dream of summer cookouts, family hangouts, and much more.

  • Completely customizable – Common scope of work elements include:

    • ALL items listed in previous two packages

    • Complete redesign of soft landscape elements

    • Patio additions

    • Drain repairs

    • Lawn remedies

    • Retaining wall and fence repairs

    • Deck repairs

Detailed List of Included Package Services


Standard Spruce Up
Get your property into perfect condition before the open house and listing photos.
Premium Makeover
Enhance entry way focal points and damaged areas with a trending seasonal makeover.
Deluxe Re-Design
Make comprehensive changes that transform your property in both appeal and value.