Stress Arrest Treatment

Plant health can by affected by many factors – soil, climate, location, and more.  To minimize the severity of pathogen infections, we recommend the application of Stress Arrest.  Stress Arrest (3-0-13) is a highly specialized fertilizer high in Potassium, Manganese, and Zinc, which assist in producing a healthy plant that is more capable of resisting attack by disease causing organisms.

The Treatment

For smaller plants such as Taxus, Azaleas, and Viburnums, Stress Arrest is applied as a drench around the base of the plants.  For larger shrubs and trees such as Maples, Magnolias, and Plums, a high pressure injector is used to apply the product to the critical root zone.

This product is recommended for plants that seem to be struggling, and looks like they need a boost to get them going.