Primula Flower Display

Seasonal annuals provide highlights or splashes of brightness in focal point areas throughout the year. Nothing can compete with the colour you get from annual flowers.

Primula displays are planted in January; these perennial flowers are an unusually vivid spring bloomer. Unlike the subtle pastels associated with spring, primroses shout out in bold yellow, red, pink and blues. The flower stalks for primroses shoot up from low, ground-hugging rosettes of thick green leaves, staying in bloom for weeks. They look great on their own or used to augment the Pansy display during the dead of winter.

It is critical that the display beds be properly prepared and planted, and that the plants are cared for after installation. Our program addresses these points, including liquid fertilization through the season.

We supply and install quality plants from only the best growers; we use flowers that are proven winners, in good supply and at reasonable prices.