Aphid Honey Drip Control

Various trees and shrubs are susceptible to sucking insects like aphids and scales. Once a tree is infested, these insects secrete a sap like substance called ‘honeydew’. The honeydew will fall on lower leaves and coat anything and everything under the tree’s canopy including patio furniture, cars and sidewalks.

Due to the high sugar content, the honeydew usually attracts bees, wasps and sooty mold. This can create an unsightly landscape and be a nuisance to homeowners and the general public.

We recommend four applications of honeydew control starting in early spring to late summer. This application involves spraying the tree’s canopy with an environmentally safe insecticidal soap.


  • 31072017 Honeydew, a sticky aphid secretion coats a car in Brandon's south-east end on Monday afternoon. (Tim Smith/The Brandon Sun)