What you need to know: Simazine and Glyphosate

Simazine and Glyphosate Sprays

  • Simazine and Credit Sprays are the most efficient way to eliminate weeds on a site growing through pavers. This application saves countless hours of labor on hand weeding.
  • Simazine is a pre-emergent Herbicide, meaning it prevents the Germination of weeds. This is beneficial on hardscapes to stop weeds before they become established.
  • It provides long lasting residual effects, offering extended protection against weed growth. This is beneficial for reducing the frequency of herbicide applications.
  • It has a broad spectrum of control, targeting a variety of weeds. This versatility is advantageous when dealing with different weed species that might emerge in hardscapes.
  • Simazine has a lower impact on established woody plants, which can be beneficial if there are desirable ornamental plants nearby.
  • Glyphosate is a non-selective herbicide, which is effective against both grasses and broadleaf weeds, providing a comprehensive control on hardscapes.
  • It is a systemic herbicide, meaning it is absorbed by the foliage and then translocated throughout the plant, reaching the roots. It ensures that the entire weed is killed, preventing growth.
  • Glyphosate has no residual soil activity, meaning it breaks down in the soil and does not persist. This reduces the risk of impacting future planting or contaminating nearby soil