Shaping Landscapes | Pruning Workshops at Para Space

July 9, 2024

Shaping Healthy and Attractive Landscapes

Maintaining and shaping healthy and attractive landscapes requires significant effort, including irrigation management, proper landscape maintenance, and appealing landscape design. A crucial aspect of a beautiful landscape is having perfectly sheared hedges and neatly pruned plants. Recently, we organized pruning workshops in Richmond and Surrey for both new and experienced staff, to learn and refresh their skills in pruning and shearing various plants.

The Workshop

Over two days, our workshops featured comprehensive presentations from experienced managers and supervisors, along with numerous demonstrations on pruning techniques. The workshops aimed to equip both new and experienced staff with the knowledge and confidence to safely use shears through group and one-on-one instruction.

The crew shearing and shaping Taxus hedges.

Our crews not only transformed the workshop sites by shaping plants such as Taxus, Spiraea, and willow-leaf Cotoneaster, but they also deepened their understanding of various pruning and shearing methods. Watching the teams work together and seeing the hedges and landscapes take shape was truly rewarding.

Ongoing Education

In addition to our staff-led pruning workshops, did you know we also offer in-house seminars on topics such as pruning, hardscaping, irrigation, personnel management, and much more?

To read more about the seminars and educational opportunities we provide our staff, click here!


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