Invasive Plants Taking Over Riparian Areas

May 30, 2017

What’s a Riparian Area?

Riparian areas are the strip of moisture-loving vegetation growing along the edge of creeks and rivers. They are ecologically diverse and rich. Healthy riparian areas provide many benefits for water, habitat and culture.

Water quality benefits

  • Capture sediments and nutrients
  • Intercept pollutants
  • Stabilize shore banks

Habitat benefits

  • Provide habitat
  • Increase biodiversity
  • Act as corridors for wildlife habitat
  • Shade water

Cultural benefits

  • Provide aesthetics
  • Enhance recreational significance
  • Increase land value

Riparian areas are extremely sensitive and can be completely devastated by invasive plant species. They require specialized landscape maintenance and Para Space works with a number of stratas to come up with unique solutions for tackling invasive plants within riparian areas. Solutions range from removal of invasive plant species and noxious weeds to installation of an organic wood chip cover to provide suppression for undesirable plant growth.  We use proper horticultural practices to ensure that these important areas have the best opportunity for success.

Have you seen some of these invasive plant species in your landscape? Contact us for more information.

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