Impatiens Alternatives for Annual Displays

May 20, 2014

Spring and Summer Flower displays are here! These beautiful combinations of annual flowers and other elements are a sure sign of spring and summer, and their colours and textures help to liven any landscape.

Sadly, last year saw the introduction of a new fungal disease in our area. Impatiens Downy Mildew (Plasmopara obducens) has virtually eliminated the familiar Impatiens walleriana. We reported on Impatiens Downy Mildew’s arrival to our area last spring, click here for more information.

Since then, we’ve been conduction intensive research to be able to create our colourful displays with alternatives to Impatiens. Here are some exciting alternatives:

-New Guinea Impatiens, the new SunPatiens are great for a sunny spot!

-Coleus, with all the different color options available they are a staple in any flower display. Try ‘Black Dragon’ for a dramatic look, ‘Electric Lime’ for a dark spot or ‘Henna’ for touch of orange.

-Non- Stop Begonias, don’t under estimate this hidden gem. Though initially the flowers are tucked in protected by large leaves, once planted they reach out show casing beautiful large flowers in an array of colors.

-Fuchsias – Though the flowers are very delicate these guys were made for shade. Great for hanging baskets and garden beds.

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