Helping Frontline Workers

June 1, 2020

It seems now, more than ever, we need to support the communities in which we live and work. That’s why we jumped at the idea of spreading some cheer to our dedicated frontline workers by giving away free spring clean-up services to deserving candidates. After receiving over 25 nominations from people living all around Metro Vancouver, our team narrowed down the selection to 7 frontline workers who were in need of a garden makeover. Our project manager, Emerson Dico-Jekot, who coordinated the scope of work and crews for this volunteer effort said “I was very excited to have the chance to work on this project. With the recent demands and expectations for all types of frontline workers, many of us on the team felt the need to give back in any way we could. Since landscaping can be quite demanding physically, as well as a large time commitment, we thought it would be a great area to provide relief to those dedicated frontline workers.”

Charlotte Marrujo who nominated her sister commented that “Sinead is an Emergency Nurse at VGH Hospital and at Surrey Urgent Primary Care Centre, which is a Covid19 testing site. She also worked in New York City during the SARS crisis. I am always amazed at her bravery to go to work during such challenging healthcare situations.”

Some of the families we helped included:
The Nijjers who are a family of two frontline workers, a firefighter and pharmacist, both have been working long hours since the pandemic started. As a result, they had let their landscape run wild and desperately needed help getting it under control again.
Nizbeth Ali is a nurse at Langley Memorial Hospital. She juggles not only the demands of work but also homeschooling her children, which leaves little time to focus on her landscape.
Kellie Nehring is a care worker at a senior’s home where she works long hours tending to residents in her care. She has been under an immense amount of stress since the pandemic started and hasn’t had time to take care of her yard.
Dexter Ramos is an ICU nurse at Vancouver General Hospital who has been working night shifts and caring for patients directly infected with COVID19. He loves tending to his garden but simply hasn’t had enough time to make any big changes to the landscape right now.
Sue Wittrin has been working in Emergency at Delta Hospital for 21 years and is only one month away from her retirement and was thrilled to be selected “The crew worked extremely hard at my house. The garden makeover is an exceptional gift to frontline workers, we thank you.”


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