Turf Maintenance

At Para Space we use a variety of turf maintenance techniques to keep lawns looking healthy and to keep them in optimal condition year round. We start with aeration of lawns in February which helps air and water to penetrate into the ground accessing grass roots to create healthier grass. Lime is applied to all lawns in spring to change the pH of the soil to a more favorable condition for the grass. Power raking  also takes place to remove excessive thatch and moss out of lawns, iron (a nutrient to lawns) is applied prior to help with the moss removal process. The application of grass seed takes place immediately afterwards to help grow thicker grass that will be able to out-compete weeds and fill in bare spots.

We apply organic based fertilizer to lawns three times a year in May, June and July. The fertilizer we use is a slow release product that will help create lush green grass over a longer period of time.

Para Space offers an organic weed control product that is applied in June and July to help kill unwanted weeds in the lawns such as dandelions and black medic.

The application of organic matter to lawns is also an option in a turf management plan. Organic matter will add valuable nutrients to the soil that are important to the health and vitality of grass.

Lawn cutting is also an important aspect of turf maintenance that helps create an overall uniform look to the grass creating aesthetic appeal. We make sure to use correct mowing heights with the proper equipment to help achieve this quality look. Vertical edging of lawn areas will also help give the landscape a tidy professional look.