Protect Your Investment

  • Quality landscape maintenance helps protect your investment as well as preserve the beauty and function of your landscape.
  • Landscaping can add 20% to the property value of a building. Even small projects like adding a patio, hedge or garden can add 4-12%.
  • Not only does having plants and a landscaped area around your business attract more clients it also reduces employee health related absenteeism.
  • Planting trees near a home can reduce heating bills by 10-50% per year and reduce air conditioning bills by 25-30% per year.
  • Communities with parks and gardens have lower crime rates, less road rage and more pride.
  • Trees can act as natural filters for both greenhouse gases and particulate matter in urban landscapes.
  • Urban landscapes can reduce air temperature by 4.4 degrees celsius and noise pollution up to 15 decibels.
  • Studies show there is less graffiti, vandalism, and littering in outdoor spaces with natural landscapes than in comparable spaces with no plant material.