Our staff at Para Space are highly skilled to properly prune plants using the best horticultural practices to promote healthy plants. A combination of techniques are used, such as thinning cuts, removal of dead/dying and diseased branches, corrective pruning to create form and shape, as well as directional pruning. We take care to make sure proper cuts are made to all plant material to minimize any risk to the plant.

There are two main periods of the year when pruning of plant material takes place. The first period is in the mid-season between May to the end of August. The second period takes place from November through to the end of January. This will include all plants from shrubs, vines, hedges and trees. It is most important to us to make sure all our pruning is done correctly to create visually impactful scenery that everyone can be proud of and enjoy.

Pruning may take place throughout the year if it is needed and suitable for the plant material.