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Stand out with seasonal displays and pops of colour
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Para Space Landscaping understands the unique demands that restaurant patios require. That’s why we focus on curb appeal, foot traffic, comfort, and durability as top priorities.

See our Restaurant Landscape Checklist to assess your curb appeal!

Patio Installation and Upgrades

The planning process begins with a detailed consultation. Our clients are highly involved in the project specifications before the installation phase takes place.

The installation phase will strictly follow the designated timeline. Understanding that construction falling behind is detrimental to your profits, we finish on time so that you’re making money when you planned to be.

Elements we focus on include:

    • Theme, design, and branding
    • Patio logistics and functionality
    • Material selection and patio furniture suggestions
    • Costs and budget considerations
    • Project timeline
      • Planning phase
      • Installation phase
      • Maintenance phase
Certified Certified
Our accredited team hold multiple certifications including advanced residential concrete paving, landscape installation, landscape design, and more!
Warranty Protected Warranty Protected
Para Space completes work to the highest industry standards. We include a one year installation warranty on all of our installation projects. Learn more HERE.


Plant Enhancements

Plant material has a profound effect on people’s innate happiness and satisfaction. Research shows that plants increase a restaurants bottom line.

If you’re looking to create an impactful ambiance, colourful flowers and displays brighten Raincouver’s primarily urban and grey setting. Take your atmosphere to the next level with planters as aesthetically pleasing dividers for privacy between tables.

Elements we focus on include:

    • Aesthetic design around restaurant theme and brand
    • Expertise on seasonally relevant and trending plant material
    • Planters and dividers
    • Entry way and hanging displays
    • Plant replacement

Regular Maintenance

Plants are living things and therefore require some upkeep. This upkeep changes depending on the season.

Following our Restaurant Landscape Checklist we ensure our client’s curb appeal is always maximized.

The components involved in this ongoing maintenance process include:

Certain plants are easier than others to maintain, but when it’s all said and done certain clients prefer a more hands off approach.

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