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Looking for Spring Colour?

At the front of every grocery store and garden center you will notice a vibrant potted plant displaying an abundance of color waiting to be planted. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Primula this is their time to shine, they are among the most popular of spring-flowering perennials.

Primula is an unusually vivid spring blooming perennial flower. Unlike the subtle pastels associated with spring, primroses shout out in bold yellows, reds, pinks and blues. The flower stalks of primroses shoot up from low, ground-hugging rosettes of thick green leaves, staying in bloom for weeks.

Will they require maintenance? Yes they sure do, like most annuals remove the faded, dead or diseased foliage to stimulate new growth and ensure the plant is getting adequate air circulation. It’s difficult for the new buds below to emerge with the weight of wet soggy petals on top.